• Testing your burglar alarm or fire alarm system on a monthly basis is not required, but can help ensure that the alarm is in working order years after it has been installed. The test can be performed by anyone: 1. Put your system on test (see the back of your bill for instructions) 2. Arm your system 3. Trigger the alarm
  • Yes, and in some cases more frequently. The NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code requires all new and existing systems to be tested regularly. The frequency of the tests depend on the types of devices installed. For example, Manual Pull Stations and Horn-Strobes can be tested anually, but Waterflow switches must be tested semi-anually. Your City's Fire Departments usually adopt these NFPA 72 codes and sometimes they make some modifications. To find out which NFPA 72 version they adopt and what modifications they apply you must contact your city's Fire Prevention Department.
  • Starting January 2009, we will be switching to a new billing system for our monitoring accounts. Please go to the announcements page for more details. We encourage you to use our Contact Form to report any errors in your bills or if you have any questions regarding this transition. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope the new system will provide you with a better experience.